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What to Wear

Pinterest is my single most recommended site when searching for wardrobe ideas for your shoot!   

Professional Headshots: 

Wear the most appropriate ensemble that you want to convey about your particular profession.  I recommend bringing a couple of blazers and ties for men and different jackets and blouses for women.  I like to shoot half of the session with the jacket on and the rest without to offer variety. 

Fitness Instructor: 

Wear a matching workout ensemble that exudes your energy and the vibe. Optional: You are welcome to bring props such as weights, resistant bands or medicine balls to enhance your shoot to better brand yourself.  


Modeling is a competitive industry so bring a suitcase of your favorite items to quickly change in between poses.  You want to be versatile and show as many looks as possible. GO BOLD! For girls and women, I suggest hair and makeup prior to your shoot. 

Tips for Everyone: 

Wear the color(s) that most compliments your skin tone.

White tends to wash people out a bit, so stray from white tops and too much jewelry, unless you're in the business of jewelry.  

 I highly recommend keeping your family wardrobe pretty basic such as monochromatic but with contrast to each persons outfit. If Dad is wearing a dark blue polo, have your son wear a light blue polo, etc.  

Here are some visuals to help you get started: 


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